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    The recasting of traditional commercial boundaries has created opportunities for niche digital operators.
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    The development of new digital content production and delivery technologies has had a monumental impact on commercial broadcasting and media distribution models in recent years.

    This radical recasting of traditional commercial boundaries has created new market opportunities for niche operators, while providing established players with the opportunity to diversify their product offerings.

    It has also resulted in the massive proliferation of digital content available for distribution, which has in turn generated growth in media, marketing and non-traditional content distribution sectors.

    The Middle East has typically been slower to embrace these trends compared to other markets worldwide. However, as the economic boom driven by rising oil prices is reshaping Middle East consumer markets, it is also having a massive impact on the region's media production and distribution industries.

    Just as growing consumer wealth is driving demand for the latest and greatest digital technologies, the region's unprecedented financial liquidity is promoting investment in new, commercially lucrative content delivery platforms.

    As a result, the Middle East media landscape is undergoing a period of monumental change. The region's digital satellite broadcasting sector is growing at a phenomenal rate, with literally hundreds of channels now available; pay TV operators are radically recasting their commercial strategies in a bid to combat increased market fragmentation; the region's top online content providers are riding a wave of growth fuelled by strong advertising spend; and telecommunications service providers are aggressively pursuing digital content delivery strategies which are challenging traditional notions of broadcasting.

    The reshaping of traditional media boundaries combined with the proliferation of new content distribution models necessitates the launch of a dedicated publication serving these booming markets. That publication is Digital Broadcast Middle East.

    Our core ambition is to establish q as a key weapon in the armoury of decision makers charged with expanding revenue streams and developing new commercial strategies incorporating emerging content delivery technologies.

    With a dedicated team of journalists and contributors whose industry experience is second to none, Digital Broadcast Middle East will offer key insights and analysis of emerging commercial and technological trends impacting the industry both locally and internationally.

    These are truly exciting times for the region's digital content delivery industries, and we look forward not only to being at the forefront of this change, but also providing a sounding board for the industry as it comes to grips with the massive commercial opportunities presented by digital technology.

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