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Real Image shares the challenges of creating a promo for the Al Zorah project in Ajman.
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Real Image shares the challenges of creating a promo for the Al Zorah project in Ajman.

Dubai-based production and editing facility, Real Image Productions, was recently tasked with putting together a five-minute promotional film for a brand new residential and commercial complex called Al Zorah that is to be built in the emirate of Ajman.

Owing to the fact that Al Zorah city was still just a concept when the contract was awarded to Real Image, the production company did not have any blue prints from which to draw its inspiration.

Instead, the company, which recently invested in expanding its team to include a group of full-time architects from Europe, built the entire city of Al Zorah from scratch on 3D Max with special effects from Maya.

The end result is an impressive film of people enjoying special moments in time against the backdrop of the stunningly beautiful Al Zorah city in Ajman. In some instances, we see people walking through the buildings and it all looks very real.

The task was not without its challenges. Modeling a city out of nothing was indeed tough but it was even more difficult to render everything to 2k so that the client would have a very high quality film that could be shown in theatres at a future date.

"A good bit of the film was shot in 35 mm like any other commercial with a proper crew of about 45 people," says Aiham Ajeeb, CEO of Real Image. "However, our architects created the entire city sitting at their desktop. Only the people are real and were shot against a green screen.

We also shot on location in Ajman.

The backgrounds with the buildings were then put in at the post production phase. Apart from rendering everything to 2k, we went one step ahead and made this film available on a Blu Ray disc as well."

This project, which was completed in three months, stretched Real Image's resources considerably. "We used all sides of the technology in this film and it was indeed a challenge," says Ajeeb.

More importantly, this project also signifies a milestone for Real Image, which now has an animation team of about 20 people.

"Today, we are one of the biggest animation houses in the region. We have just rented out the office next to ours to accommodate our expanding team."

Realising the increasing demand for architectural walkthroughs and other animated works from the Real Estate sector in the Middle East, Ajeeb believes that having a full-time team of architects at his office is justified.

The number of real estate projects we get enquiries for outnumbers all other kinds of requests. While this is a very demanding market, we have also found this to be very profitable," he adds.

Real Image has also invested in more HD cameras and Boxx equipment to speed up rendering for its post-production projects.

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