DPA microphones shall go to the ball

DPA chosen for new Broadway production of Cinderella.
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Nevin Steinberg, sound designer on the latest Broadway production of Cinderella, has outfitted the cast with 30 DPA 4061 Omnidirectional Miniature wireless microphones.

Having previously worked with DPA’s full line of mics on other theatrical productions, Steinberg felt the 4061s would help him create the intimate sound he sought for Cinderella, even in a large theatrical venue like the Broadway Theatre. Their discreet, unobtrusive packaging allows them to be hidden within the actors’ hair, wigs, or hats, , providing excellent sound reproduction without being seen.

“In live theatre, you want the audience to feel immersed in the production and not have them focused on the quality of the audio or where the amplification is coming from,” explains Steinberg. “The DPA 4061s allow us to hide the mics within the costumes and hair, as close to the source as possible. While the mics often end up in a position that is unnaturally close to the performers, the DPA 4061’s excellent frequency response allows me plenty of flexibility to counteract any negative effects.”

In the production, the transformation of Cinderella, played by Laura Osnes, from servant to belle of the ball, is performed directly on stage. As audiences are regaled with the literal change of rags to riches, Steinberg is assured that Osnes’ 4061 microphone will remain firmly in place. “I have been using DPA’s microphones for a long time and I think they are very reassuring to work with,” he continues. “I can put them where they need to go, they remain in place and will sound the way I want them to sound.”

In addition to using the 4061s for the cast, Steinberg has equipped the orchestra with a variety of DPA’s 4021 Compact Cardioid, 4011 Cardioid and 4006 Omnidirectional microphones. As with the cast, Steinberg’s goal for the orchestra was to keep the amplification as transparent as possible, creating the illusion that the sound from the instruments is all encompassing.

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