More shoots headed to UAE

Executives scouting locations for at least two more films.
Jerry Bruckheimer Films' Chad Oman.
Jerry Bruckheimer Films' Chad Oman.


The UAE could be set to host at least two more major shoots from Hollywood production giant Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Digital Studio has exclusively learnt.

Speaking exclusively on the set of the recently-shot Beware the Night, Bruckheimer executive and creative director Chad Oman revealed: “There are another couple of Bruckheimer projects in the pipeline that need this kind of environment, so while I’m here I’m going out on Monday to scout possible locations for two more projects.”

Indeed, the Beware the Night shoot itself was something of an experiment, Oman confirmed: “This was an opportunity to try Abu Dhabi out and see if we could potentially shoot a whole movie here. We’ve been really pleased with the crew and with twofour54 intaj as the production company.

When we need this sort of location everyone always thinks of Morocco, or maybe Jordan, but we now have another option, and with the rebate for filming in Abu Dhabi, and the fact it’s probably safer it’s possibly a better option. It could overtake Morocco as the region’s leading location.”

Oman was also pleased with the twofour54 studio facilities the shoot had used: “We were nervous about building this particular set here – it’s a complex, difficult set, but it was perfect.

There were no glitches even though usually, if something can go wrong it does. It was great to come to other side of the world and find exactly what you want, and for much less than it would cost in LA or NY.

Initially it seemed silly to come all the way to Abu Dhabi to film a three minute scene, but when we found out there was crew and a stage and we could pull it together for less than at home it made perfect sense.”

Oman is also optimistic about Abu Dhabi’s future as a production hub: “People are always wary of new places at first, but now the Bruckheimer name is associated with it, I think more will follow. It’s like when we made Deja Vu in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, when everyone else had cancelled shoots there. The doors opened right back up after we’d shot there, and I can see the same happening here.”

Jerry Bruckheimer classics:

Top Gun: Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, a plane and that theme tune that stayed in the charts for what felt like most of the 80s. Bruckheimer, it must be said, is no small fish in terms of the calibre of production he could bring to the region.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The most successful movie franchise of recent years. Johnny Depp successfully launched a million fancy dress outfits with his portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow, and although this particular hack is generally suspicious of big franchise blockbusters, I must admit that even I like this one.

Beverley Hills Cop: Possibly Eddie Murphy’s finest cinematic moment. As an easily-influenced teenager this movie convinced me that Murphy was the funniest man on the planet, only for me then to be increasingly disappointed as I hopefully sat through the sequels and the likes of The Golden Child and Coming to America. A metaphor for growing up in many ways.

Pearl Harbour: Admittedly , probably not Bruckheimer’s finest moment, but included as it provided the inspiration for the song The End of an Act, from one of my favourite movies, Team America: World Police. The song features the immortal line “Pearl Harbour sucked, just a little bit more than I miss you.”


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