MBC wins rights to air Saudi Football League

Deal is worth SAR4.1 billion ($1.09 billion)
MBC wins rights to air Saudi Football League, News, Broadcast Business


Dubai-based free-to-air TV network MBC Group has won the rights to broadcast Saudi Arabia’s Professional Football League and King Cup matches for the next 10 years.

The deal is worth SAR4.1 billion ($1.093 billion), according to a report from Al Arabiya.

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation issued a statement on MBC, stating: “After reviewing all proposals to sell the broadcast rights, we chose the best one presented from the alliance between the Saudi [al-Riyadiyah] channel and MBC group.

The [agreement] is worth 4.1 Saudi billion riyals and is valid for 10 years,” the statement read.“The Saudi professional football games, the King’s Cup, the Crown Prince Cup and the Super Cup will be broadcast on MBC channel. The Saudi League First Division, Prince Faisal bin Fahad Cup, the Youth League U20 and Youngster League U17 will be broadcast on al-Riyadiyah.”

Ahmad Eid, head of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, signed the agreement with representatives from MBC and al-Riyadiyah in Riyadh on August 7.


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