Digital Studio Awards - new categories revealed

View the new categories, nominations to open later this week
Winners at the 2014 edition of the Digital Studio Awards.
Winners at the 2014 edition of the Digital Studio Awards.


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Digital Studio is proud to announce the new categories for the 2015 edition of the Digital Studio Awards, which is set to take place in Dubai on March 11th.

The categories have been revamped to better reflect the skill, ingenuity and hard work that goes on behind the scenes to produce and distribute world class content created in the region.

Nominations for the awards will officially open later this week, but we thought we’d offer a sneak peak of the new categories, allowing interested parties an opportunity to start thinking about their nominations.

The categories for 2015 are as follows:

1 Best Content Capture: This award recognises outstanding achievement in visual content capture. Whether using 4K, HD or the latest slo-mo camera, the nominations must demonstrate innovation and ingenuity in the capture of their visual content.

2 Best Live Action Capture: Capturing and broadcasting live action such as news, sports, and concerts is a specialised area that this award aims to recognise. Nominations in this category should demonstrate innovative use of new technologies to bring live action to the screen.

3 Outstanding Sound Capture: While visuals often command most attention, sound quality is also moving up the agenda for filmmakers. This award recognises outstanding sound quality in a production, and the technology and team behind it.

4 Innovative Use of 4K: This category recognises outstanding use of 4K for a production. The winner should demonstrate not only outstanding technical expertise in the way they have used 4K, but should also be able to demonstrate why ultra-high definition was applicable.

5 Studio of the Year: This award recognises a studio that has demonstrated technical innovation and originality in its set-up, integration and use of technology. The studio should be able to reference some successful and innovative productions that have made use of its facilities.

6 Best Special Effects / CGI: With top notch special effects and CGI work now being done in the region, this award recognises the production house that has truly pushed the boundaries and wowed audiences with world-class special effects.

7 Best Use of Animation: While a new generation of ultra HD cameras may have put more emphasis on film production, animation remains a key part of the film and TV industry. This award recognises an animated project that demonstrates excellence and originality in the use and application of animation software.


8 Excellence in Post-Production: Once the main content is captured, the tough and meticulous post production work begins. Without it, the best footage is little more than rough cuts. Nominations in this category should demonstrate excellence in post-production work including colour and sound grading.

9 Best Editing Award: Editing can made or break a film, documentary or series. While new software and editing suites have changed the editing process, editing remains a critical skill and art form in itself. This category recognises outstanding use of editing software in a regional production.

10 Outstanding Achievement in Workflow: As digital continues to rise to dominance, so workflow management systems are becoming ever more important to ensure a seamless process from production to broadcast or transmission. Nominations in this category should demonstrate sublime workflow management that has brought real benefits to the production house and broadcaster.


11 Best Technical Installation Award: The films and programmes that arrive on the big or small screen do not just rely on the latest technology – they also rely on that technology being installed in a seamless and timely way. This award recognises a specific technical installation that stands out for innovation and technical precision.

12 Content Delivery Platform of the Year: Once production houses have created world-class content, it is up to broadcasters to deliver it. But with viewers increasingly looking online for content, broadcasters are becoming more innovative in the way they distribute content. This award recognises a content delivery platform that has brought a new level of convenience to viewers while also helping to monetise content.

13 Satellite Services Innovation of the Year: The rapid growth of online viewing has done little to stem demand for satellite broadcasting and may even have increased it. This award aims to recognise a satellite-based service or innovation that has made a significant impact on the broadcast field in the last year, whether through satellite news gathering, trunking for content or DTH services.

14 Technology / Service Innovation of the Year: This award is broad-reaching in scope but has a very clear criteria: It recognises a particularly innovative new product or service that has helped to transform the region’s content production or distribution sector in the past year. So if you have launched a new product or service – whether in the field of software, lighting, sound or anything else TV and broadcast related – this category will give your company a chance to shine.


15 Up and Coming filmmaker of the Year

Now this is one of the most important awards that honour the creative, the innovative and those that are a sense of inspiration for any budding filmmaker. If you feel you’ve made a film that deserves the recognition that only one of our highest accolades can endow it with, nominate now.

16 Hall of Fame (no nominations)
This Award will go to one person who has made a particularly strong impression in TV or film production or post production in the past year. We’ll consider various criteria, including originality of ideas and technical innovation.

We will provide further details and advice about submitting entries later this week when we activate the dedicated Awards website and officially open the nominations, so visit for further information!



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