VIDEO: Sheikh Zayed Road in 360-degree 8K clip

Dubai360 releases new video showcasing the emirate's most famous thoroughfare

A new 8K resolution, 360-degree video has been released by Dubai360 showcasing the emirate’s famous Sheikh Zayed Road.

Shot over the course of 24 hours from Yaquob Tower on Dubai's main thoroughfare, viewers can interact with the YouTube clip in a similar fashion to earlier Dubai360 videos including time lapses from the top of the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, and Burj al Arab.

Ismaeil Al Hashmi, Project Director of Dubai360 – which launched in January – recently explained why this new era in moving image online is so important.

He said: "When viewing 360 degree video, the available resolution is spread across the entire sphere, regardless of the field of view that the viewer is looking at. This means that for a typical field of view of 90 degrees, even with 4K resolution, there are only 1000 pixels available."

"With 8K 360 video, that resolution is doubled to 2000 pixels," he adds, "equivalent to what you see when viewing regular full HD video - and you're only looking at a quarter of the field of view. Having worked extensively with 360 degree video content that is showcased on the website, we are incredibly excited to be able to share with our viewers the content we created in even higher fidelity."

Dubai360 has over 2000 pieces of integrated panoramic content linked by nearly 20,000 hotspots. This includes giving viewers a tour of the planet’s largest shopping centre, the Dubai Mall, more than 150 aerial panoramas (shot from a helicopter), plus a tour of cultural and heritage sites in Old Dubai.

Check out the new Sheikh Zayed Road clip for yourself below...

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