VoiceQ 2.0 launched to assist dubbing and ADR

New software speeds up dialogue creation and replacement processes in post production
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The latest innovation for the TV and film post-­production industry, VoiceQ 2.0, launches this week.

The voice synchronisation software speeds up the dialogue creation and replacement process in the post production stage of film and television production.

To do this, VoiceQ 2.0 scrolls the script across the screen, superimposed over the video, and the actor or voice-over artist reads the words when they hit the target line.

The scrolling text over video offers actors and technicians a frame-­accurate cue for every word in every line. The artist is then always in sync with the lip movements of the actor on screen, enhancing performance levels and reducing recording times.

First developed in 2003 to support the dubbing of New Zealand’s indigenous M?ori language for television and film production, VoiceQ 2.0 is this week being launched as a new application that combines dubbing and ADR functions, as well as introducing new features in response to changes in the industry.

The concept is based on the rythmo band process used in France since the 1920s. Rythmo band is a manual process used to make dubbing natural sounding and give the audience the illusion they are watching a movie recorded in their original language. VoiceQ replicates the best of the rythmo band features using the latest digital technology.

Steven Renata, head of global business development at producer Kiwa Digital, commented: “With the global shift to digital formats, and increased interest in the integrity of language and culture, there is huge potential for technology that makes dialogue replacement simpler.”

VoiceQ 2.0 is available now through authorised resellers and online here.

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