Neumann launches KH 805 subwoofer

Company reveals its latest active studio subwoofer
The KH 805 active studio subwoofer for stereo applications in recording, broadcasting, and post-production studios.
The KH 805 active studio subwoofer for stereo applications in recording, broadcasting, and post-production studios.


Neumann.Berlin has added a new active subwoofer, the KH 805, to its studio monitoring products.

Based on the strong acoustical performance of the KH 810 subwoofer, the KH 805 is the optimal choice for stereo set-ups in combination with the KH 120 or KH 310.

The combination of the new KH 805 subwoofer and KH 120 or KH 310 loudspeakers is ideal for tracking, mixing and mastering in recording, broadcasting, and post-production studios.

Wolfgang Fraissinet, president of Neumann, said, “The KH 805 is the answer to our customers’ calls for a more affordable solution for stereo applications. With the KH 805, it is possible to configure flexible monitoring systems for studios of different sizes, with a smooth, uniform response that ranges from below 20 Hz to above 20 kHz.

“State-of-the-art amplifier technologies and high-quality acoustic components have been used to ensure maximum accuracy of sound reproduction for the KH 805,” he added.

A robust 10” driver, solid cabinet and carefully designed ports ensure tight, articulate and distortion-free low-frequency reproduction down to 18 Hz, even at high playback levels.

Fourth-order crossovers and adaptable acoustical controls allow for seamless integration into existing loudspeaker systems.

The KH 805 features a remotely controllable 2.0/0.1 bass manager which enables it to be used in many different applications, for example for extending the loudspeaker bass down to 18 Hz, for increasing the maximum SPL of a loudspeaker set-up by up to 8 dB or for reproducing the LFE channel.

The active subwoofer is also an ideal tool to decrease the harmonic and intermodulation distortion of a loudspeaker set-up or to reproduce the “Sub” signal of a bass-managed multichannel source, and works as an extension for KH 810, KH 870 and KH 805 subwoofer systems.

The KH 805 can be used to make a Plane Wave Bass Array system, which will acoustically improve lateral consistency in the listening area and further increase low frequency linearity. To reduce cabling, the subwoofer electronics can be located remotely, allowing the cabinet to be mounted flush to a wall.

The KH 805 active subwoofer is available now.

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