Virgin Radio launches in Oman, targets youth market

SABCO Media says global radio operator went on air on 100.9FM on Thursday evening
Virgin Radio Oman
Virgin Radio Oman


SABCO Media has announced the launch of Virgin Radio in Oman, ending months of speculation.

The radio station, part of the global network of Virgin Radio, went on air on 100.9FM at 6pm local time on Thursday.

SABCO Media confirmed that the station’s ethos is attention-grabbing and edgy, focusing on the youth and young at heart.

It added in a statement that the programming embodies a mix of music, entertainment, chat, celebrity news, and live events.

Eihab Abutaha, CEO, SABCO Communication Group, said: “We are pleased to take the strategically important step launching Virgin Radio Oman, and enlarging our portfolio. We want to command a leading role in the radio market and media space transforming our business into value for all our stakeholders and partners. This development promises new opportunities across our complete portfolio enabling reach in unprecedented ways.”

SABCO Group, which also operates media interests including Al Wisal FM, Merge FM, Y Magazine, Koooora Wa Bas, Mediate and Outdoor Media, said further details of the new radio station will be revealed soon.

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