Survey finds piracy, changing business models are top concerns for video content industry

Media + Networks' State of the Industry survey found that piracy, as well as shifting business models weigh heavily on the minds of industry leaders across cable and satellite, advertising, broadcast and OTT.
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Media + Networks, the community platform behind video distribution event TV Connect, today announced the results of its annual State of the Industry survey as part of its Digital Week. Canvassing the opinions of more than 300 respondents representing 78 companies from multiple sectors including broadcast, OTT, cable, and content creation, the survey identified changing business models and content security as the dominant challenge in content delivery industries.

Considering the increasingly competitive and fast-moving connected entertainment and content distribution market, the survey discovered that piracy, as well as shifting business models weigh heavily on the minds of industry leaders spearheading change across cable and satellite, advertising, broadcast. Driven by professional pirates operating the most complex interfaces, content piracy demands organisations to tackle the issue head on. The need to look at cutting-edge solutions, new opportunities, and innovators that will help combat this risk and shape the industry’s future is more important than ever.

Delving deeper, findings from the survey also identified other key themes, trends, and innovations which are shaping the modern content distribution model. Content investment, multi-platform delivery, cloud infrastructure, VR and AR, and monetisation are just a few recurring priorities that were highlighted frequently across multiple industry sectors. 

“This year’s survey has echoed concerns from many broadcasters around piracy and security. As OTT delivery becomes the new normal, all content delivery sectors are being forced to address how they make money and what the right business model is,” said Niall Hunt, digital content lead at Media + Networks. “We conduct this research to help the industry make informed, confident decisions for their businesses concerning technology and innovation. Digital Week gives us the best platform to discuss the results and accelerate industry-wide change, as well as raise important topics in the video ecosystem each day. For us, it’s crucial to offer a completely interactive experience and we’re excited to kickstart the first Digital Week which will do just that."

Targeted at those interested in the future of video content delivery, Digital Week equips viewers with the right tools and information ahead of TV Connect on 9 and 10 May 2018.

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