Grass Valley and CISCO hold Dubai roadshow to demystify IP

Cisco and Grass Valley’s conducted a full day roadshow held at the Amwaj Rotana in Dubai, UAE, on 28 March. Called ‘Demystifying IP’, the objective was to educate and demonstrate the power of IP through knowledge sharing and use cases including demonstrations of IP-based solutions.
Grass Valley roadshow held at Amwaj Rotana, Dubai
Grass Valley roadshow held at Amwaj Rotana, Dubai


Cisco and Grass Valley conducted a full day roadshow held at the Amwaj Rotana in  Dubai, UAE, on 28 March. Called ‘Demystifying IP’ the objective was to educate and demonstrate the power of IP through knowledge sharing and use cases including demonstrations of IP-based solutions. The event saw a large turnout of all the major broadcast providers, system integrators and technology providers in the regional broadcast industry.

Jan-Pieter van Welsem, VP Sales EMEA sat down with Digital Studio during the event to talk more about the idea behind holding these roadshows across the EMEA region as part of their engagement with customers. The need for building trust and raising the level of awareness and comfort in the Middle East is the primary driver for Grass Valley to engage with the industry with such educational events.

"We are in a position to talk about IP in a different way. With lots of installations in EMEA under our belt we can also talk about IP as a reality. That's why we call it demystifying. We can talk about what benefits we have brought to our customers but also the lessons and the attention points they had to take into account when deploying such a technology," said van Welsem.

"The majority of examples used are from projects completed in Europe. Operational flexibility and efficiency, future proofing and higher utilisation rates were cited by van Welsme as the major benefits that broadcasters can take advantage of. On the remote production side where operations can be managed from a central control room also he feels there are key benefits from going for IP based solutions.

"It's a mature technology but at the same time there are not too many project and for many of our customers they are seeing this for the first time. In terms of skillsets the IT person is becoming more important and not every broadcaster that is embarking on this road has those skills available."

Elaborating on lessons learned from their IP projects commpleted so far, he added, "I think we also need to be realistic about the time scales. You need to build in some redundancy so you can address any potential slips."

van welsem

Going through specific use cases to explain to the engineers and technical specialists in attendance, Grass Valley demonstrated how “The Demystifying IP Roadshow builds on the educational roadshows that we organised last year, giving CTOs, broadcast engineers and consultants, insights and key lessons learnt from IP installations.”

He also discussed the combined range and depth of the product portfolio of Grass Valley post the Snell Advanced Media acquisition. He added the combined solution set is no 1 or 2 in most of the broadcast applications and market segments. Specifically he emphasised the combined expertise and the amount of intellectual property now owned by the company, range of products portfolios that the company can offer broadcasters. The roadshow demonstrated multiple Grass Valley/SAM/Cisco their solutions in remote production, live production and IP based solutions. 

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