VIU to premiere eight Arabic shows for Ramadan

Vuclip announced the premier of eight shows exclusively for Ramadan on its OTT service VIU, including Hob El Tayebin, its first-ever Saudi OTT Original
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Today Vuclip announced the premier of eight shows exclusively for Ramadan on its leading OTT service VIU. These shows include Hob El Tayebin, its first-ever Saudi OTT Original, along with Azka Akl Bel Alam, Click, From the End, Kashef Al Araneb, Kashta, Salizon and Yawmyat Zoga Mafrosa. Vuclip has partnered with renowned social media creators from the region, including Basel Al Hajj and others for many of these shows.

Commenting on the announcement, Wesam Kattan, Vice President Content & Brand Marketing, Vuclip MENA said: “The trend seen in the region is that the popularity of watching shows during Ramadan increases and we wanted to ensure that our Viu-ers have a variety of shows to watch during this time. VIU is globally committed to working with local talent in the region and to grow the entertainment industry by providing a premium platform for talent to showcase their work. Our region has so much talent that lives only on social media, and during Ramadan we wanted to give these individuals a chance to be part of a bigger production. We undertook a rigorous content development process to provide the best selection of content during Ramadan that fits the lifestyle of our core target audience.”

Breif synopsis of the shows airing on Viu are as follows:
• Hob El Tayebin is a 15-episode heart-warming family comedy show featuring Saudi social media stars. The show takes the audience back in time through the stories of an elderly father drawing from his life experience to guide his son in the present age, complemented by humour and fun visuals.
• Azka Akl Bel Alam is a 20-episode series featuring Basel Al Hajj, a foodie with great social exposure. In the show, he travels around Turkey, Italy and Spain in search of the best food. Along the way, he meets new people, from whom he gets to learn more about the local culture.
• Click is a 30-episode show in which characters’ personalities represent imagined personalities of popular social media platforms. The challenge on the show is for the characters to figure out who’s who.
• From the End is a six-episode series which includes weekly highlights from around the world of the most insane, funny, news pieces.  The host will “Egyptianize” the news for context and grabb the reaction of participating guests.
• Kashef Al Araneb is a 15-episode program targeting all members of the family, with adults teasing kids and remembering moments from their own youth.
• Kashta is a 20-episode show, which invites one social media influencer in each episode to help Chef Rakan Bu Khalid prepare a meal. This is a light-hearted comedy with educational elements related to cooking.
• Salizon will run 24 episodes and will focus on reviewing well-known Ramadan-themed dramas.
• Yawmyat Zoga Mafrosa is a 15-episode comedy series which represents the daily life of an Egyptian family. Each episode showcases different situations that modern Egyptian families face on a daily basis including marital problems, situations with children, and economic problems

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