IBC Preview: Gates Air

Showcasing DAB Radio transmitters
GatesAir MAXIVA Vaxte transmitter
GatesAir MAXIVA Vaxte transmitter


GatesAir has optimized its Maxiva Vaxte transmitter in time for IBC. These latest advances are focused on the firm’s DAB range for small-scale DAB/DAB+ radio installations requiring lower power levels ranging from 10 W up to 1 kW.

The Vaxte was originally designed to drive power levels up to 8 kW for large-scale and national DAB radio applications, explains the firm. With the most recent enhancements, the Maxiva Vaxte is now also suitable for smaller-scale DAB/DAB+ radio deployments, by incorporating the same features available in the high-power DAB transmitters. These include: GatesAir’s patented PowerSmart Plus architecture, EDI IP (and legacy ETI) signal protocols, and GatesAir’s patented Real-time Adaptive Correction (RTAC) for digital signal correction.

All Maxiva TV or DAB/DAB+ transmitters utilize the latest generation 50 volt LDMOS power amplifier devices, compact high-efficiency power supplies and Maxiva XTE exciter technology, along with advanced real-time adaptive correction (RTAC) for outstanding signal performance. Maxiva power amplifiers have been optimized to provide the best possible performance and efficiency for all modulations.  GatesAir is offering the range in flexible configurations, including multiple transmitters per rack are available, providing Radio broadcasters with opportunites for significant space savings and ease of installation.

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