IBC Preview: Pixel Power

Graphics platform with modular functionality
James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power
James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power


Pixel Power is extending graphics platform with a new set of functionality. StreamMaster PRODUCE will be launched at IBC2018 with its new modular, software defined media processing technology platform.

Being designed from the ground up purely in software StreamMaster PRODUCE delivers power and flexibility by offering multi-channel and multi-user operation. StreamMaster PRODUCE sits alongside the existing StreamMaster BRAND and StreamMaster DELIVERY systems, which bring software to the core requirements for channel branding, master control and integrated playout.

“There is a shift in broadcasting from channel quantity to the power of branding”, said James Gilbert, CEO, Pixel Power. “Brand importance, how quickly it can be created, refreshed and promoted across all the broadcaster’s outputs is a key deliverable and a major differentiator for the broadcaster. We have now created a complete suite of software defined, virtualizable tools from graphics & branding creation through master control, automation & playout and all running on COTS hardware.”

Pixel Power has implemented a product strategy founded on two core platforms: StreamMaster Media Processing and Gallium Workflow Orchestration. All functionality is implemented in software that can be deployed on premise, in a data centre or in the public cloud.

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