IBC Preview: Qvest Media

Qvest Media introduces Qvest.Cloud
Peter Nothen, CEO, Qvest Media,Group
Peter Nothen, CEO, Qvest Media,Group


Qvest Media will showcase its latest product, Qvest.Cloud, in a pre-launch presentation. Qvest.Cloud is an advanced management platform for media companies that enables third-party cloud applications to be networked into one integrated end-to-end workflow and monitored via a central user interface.

Qvest.Cloud makes it easier to integrate and operate media services and applications using web technologies. Qvest.Cloud breaks down the barriers between installations in local data centres, private clouds and public clouds – such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud.

Integral components of the platform are designed as cloud-native application are cross-application functions such as workflow orchestration, cloud automation, user management with single sign-on, access management, measuring & billing and comprehensive IT security.

Peter Nöthen, CEO of Qvest Media Group.“After a multi-stage evaluation process, we made the decision in autumn 2017 to realise Qvest.Cloud. The acquisition of the HMS media solutions was completed and we entered into development. Qvest.Cloud will be fully market-ready at the NAB show next year. The pre-launch at IBC is an important milestone on this development path. We will get to know first-hand what business and technological aspects can play an additional role for Qvest.Cloud. Moreover, the trade show offers the best opportunity to win further manufacturers and partners for the Qvest.Cloud ecosystem.”

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