MBC Persia hits the airwaves

New entertainment channel catering to the Farsi-speaking community, MBC Persia launches on Yahsat on Saturday 6 October 2018
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MBC Group is all set to introduce MBC Persia – a family entertainment channel catering to the Farsi-speaking community in the MENA region and beyond. The new channel is set to begin broadcasting on Saturday afternoon, 6 October 2018. 

Branded with the slogan, ‘Never-ending Entertainment’, MBC Persia will target young audiences who have ambition to inspire and be inspired, said a statement from MBC.

MBC Persia will feature a wide variety of international programming dubbed and/or subtitled in Farsi, including global films, television series and other entertainment shows. Meanwhile, to coincide with its launch on Yahsat, MBC Persia is working on the production of its own exclusive original programming, to expand on its portfolio of engaging content on the channel.

MBC Persia said the entertainment will not be limited to TVscreens and it will adopt a multi-platform strategy – viewers will be able to keep up with the latest events and updates via MBC Persia’s interactive digital platforms and social media offerings.

Taking a closer look at programming, viewers can expect many critically-acclaimed dramas, comedy, and social and political series from a number of production territories, including the United States, Mexico, India and Turkey, amongst others. There will also be art and entertainment shows, and reality talent-spotting programs. In terms of films, a daily schedule of programming will include top movies from Hollywood and Bollywood.

The channel can be accessed at the following frequency: Vertical - 11996. FEC: 5/6, SR: 27500

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