5 mins with Salma Asharef, Sales Director, CMT Technologies

CMT Technologies' Salma Asharef discusses how broadcast and media companies can implement a consistent and reliable OTT/IPTV platform
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Digital Studio: What are the major considerations for broadcasters when implementing an OTT/IPTV video platform?

Thank you for giving a wonderful opportunity to speak about one of the most important topics being OTT / IPTV.  When we speak about the solution platform, it’s the Middleware which acts as the important component of the whole system. Middleware connects the various elements of the system being the transcoders, content management, billing management, DRM’s, security firewalls etc. A solution can be hosted fully on premises, semi or cloud based as per provider request. In order to have the content published over the top i.e via smartphones ios / android platforms , tablets , Webtv etc , which is  to have the video transcoded in various profiles and distributed using content delivery platforms. All the elements of the workflow are equally important ,with the major preference going to the CDN’s i.e using a Multi CDN approach since our target is to have the content viewed in a smooth manner and this will be taken care of by the various cdn networks available. In fact, CMT is pleased to extend our expertise to the Broadcasters and Providers in the region and assist them to implement a consistent and reliable OTT/IPTV platform with a competitive advantage.

DS: What are the biggest challenges broadcast and media companies face in implementing OTT video delivery?

In this region, we are having various major operators already with the IPTV / OTT platforms. But I have observed the main concern of the broadcasters is the cost of implementation and the ROI factor. This is where, CMT plays an important role wherein we have invested in developing our in-house Middleware solution with a dedicated team of engineers . The CMT Middleware is loud with all the features and flexibility to  such as timeshift, catchup , VOD , integration with billing system, Ad management, Analytics etc . Thus we are able to offer a competitive solution with a winning edge.]

DS: With so many new standards, formats and delivery methods, how can media & broadcast companies ensure their investment in OTT video delivery platform provides ROI?

Definitely ROI is the major objective of any provider / broadcasters . I can speak about one of the recommendable ROI methodology - potential revenue earnings from social media platforms. All this has happened, thanks to the Social media platforms which plays a vital role for any business. It’s just a matter of how to use the digital space with the right tools in order to have the content reach the right audience and the wide range of marketing happens with the large networking members. This is why CMT has given special focus and engaged into an exclusive partnership with the new wave of product which acts as a Cloud Studio and enables both live and VOD content clips to be edited and published instantly to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram stories etc. The solution is SaaS based and they provide an interesting app that can be downloaded to the Ios or  android platforms and the content can go up  and running with the availability of instant live capture of content. I would request the broadcasters to definitely look into this product which can guarantee ROI, plus enhance the reach of your valuable contents via the most powerful platforms i.e social media.

DS: With more and more on demand video services launching in the Middle East, how do you see the regional market evolving?

Honestly speaking, the region is very promising. Indeed CMT is very positive with the ongoing discussions and the new wave happening for cloud solutions. I believe the clients are inclined to moving towards the OTT platforms, either having a new one implemented, or upgrading their existing platform. We see 2018 -2019 to be a very encouraging year with many potential leads.

DS: As a system integrator, what are the key priorities while implementing client projects?

As CMT has been in the region for almost a decade in the video broadcast, IPTV, OTT & hospitality segments and are exposed to the implementation of large scale projects , we believe our Technical team, Post sales support and partnership with the new wave of technology are our core strengths . Trust is another factor which drives a sale wherein we are able to deliver what we have promised and to maintain the client requests in the long run. In fact as a system integrator, we are bound to follow the business ethics of trust, quality and reliability. I would rather expand these points to any relations – be it clients, vendors, partners etc. While implementing projects , primarily we assign a dedicated Project leader for the project in order to ensure to project completion within the stipulated time, make certain on maintaining the quality throughout the implementation phase , and provide long term support to maintain continuity of services being offered. Thus we are happy and in turn, our clients stays happy.

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