First Arabic TV adaptation by Arab Format Lab set to air

The TV series is an Arabic adaptation of the teen drama Red Band Society - a successful international comedy-drama format, adapted across 15 countries.
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Red Band Society, the first drama series created by the Arab Format Lab, a content developer, producer and distributor with offices in Dubai, Cairo and Jeddah, will premiere on Abu Dhabi TV later this month. Arab Format Lab is created with a mission to capitalize on the market gap for premium Arabic content. They are committed to delivering premium Arabic content by bringing international formats from Hollywood, Europe and Asia, to be adapted and produced in Arabic for the Saudi-Gulf and wider MENA region.

The TV series is an Arabic adaptation of the teen drama Red Band Society - a successful international comedy-drama format, adapted across 15 countries, including a U.S version produced by acclaimed director Steven Spielberg. Red Band Society is a teen medical comedy-drama television series about 6 young teenage patients living together in a hospital. The Arabic format adaptation will reflect the lives of the group of children/teenagers from different Saudi and pan-Arab social backgrounds united by the band of hope.

Speaking to the media Khulud Abu Homos, CEO and founder of Arab Format Lab said: “We are proud that our first drama production, an adaptation of an acclaimed international teen drama will premiere next week on Abu Dhabi TV. This series is one of hope and humanity.” Homos has said in earlier interviews that demand for high quality Arabic content in the region has increased by around 40% over the last few years, creating a big opportunity for regional producers to invest in Arab TV shows catering to growing demand from a large viewership in the Middle East.

In February, Arab Format Lab held the first Arab Format Accelerator in partnership with DISCOP Dubai. The accelarator program connected Middle East creators who could pitch formats and TV adaptation rights to producers to facilitate funding for the projects.

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