Industry leaders join Netflix post technology alliance

Logo program identifies production and post-production products and tools that meet Netflix specifications for original content production.
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In an effort to streamline experience from production through post-production for its original programming, Netflix this week announced the launch of the “Netflix Post Technology Alliance” and introduced a logo program that will identify the products that meet Netflix technical and delivery specifications.

Netflix said the program will help creatives know if the tools they have invested in can deliver to Netflix quality standards, and connect to the sophisticated systems Netflix has in place.

“The Netflix Post Technology Alliance will act as a conduit for Netflix to support creatives and technology partners on new feature sets for tools, so artists can spend their energy on what matters most--the storytelling,” the company announced in a blog.

“Any product that generates or manages any kind of sound data, image data, or metadata from production through post-production is a candidate for the Netflix Post Technology Alliance logo,” it said as the blog post recommended manufacturers to apply for inclusion.

"Manufacturers of products bearing this logo will get early access to the Netflix technical roadmap and collaborate with Netflix on technical support, training, and updates. As Netflix technical requirements evolve, you can post-production products bearing this logo will evolve in step with us," added the Netflix blog post.

The Netflix Post Technology Alliance includes tools and products from industry leaders in four categories: cameras, editing, colour grading, and media encoding & IMF packaging. Products are included from Adobe, Arri, Avid, Blackmagic Design, Canon, Colorfront, Fraunhofer IIS, Filmlight, Marquise Technologies, MTI Film, Ownzones, Panasonic, Red Digital Cinema, Rohde & Schwarz, and Sony.

More products will be added in these categories and the categories will be expanded to include sound, dubbing and other post-production sectors. The Netflix announcement cautioned that not all content production categories will be covered and the alliance is not designed to endorse or force creatives to use certain tools. 

“As an artist, you should use the tools that make sense for your production, are best suited to your workflows, and serve your creative interests,” Netflix said. “With that in mind, this logo is an identifier to quickly tell you a product has been vetted for delivery to Netflix, and that the company who makes the product is committed to ongoing support and innovation.”

Netflix has posted the complete list of products at the program site

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