ARRI workshop conducted by UBMS

Key professionals in the UAE film industry were introduced to ARRI Stellar, the new intelligent app for professional wireless control of ARRI LED lighting fixtures
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Dubai distributor UBMS held a successful ARRI Stellar Lighting Control Workshop at the United Broadcast Training Academy in Garhoud, Dubai. This 3 hour hands-on workshop introduced ARRI Stellar, the intelligent lighting control app from ARRI, to key professionals in the UAE film industry for the first time.

ARRI Stellar is the new intelligent app for professional wireless control of ARRI LED lighting fixtures, available on IOS and Android phones and tablets. Stellar has been designed with an intuitive graphic interface and workflow tailored to setting up and managing lighting across multiple scenes and locations within projects large and small. Stellar is the perfect app to quick and easily control ARRI lights while on set.

The main objectives of the workshop were to learn how to intuitively control ARRI LED lighting from phone or tablet, learn how to configure a wifi router for control of a cabled network of ARRI SkyPanels and understand how ARRI SkyLink provides the most flexible control possible completely wirelessly.

According to Richard Lackey (Product Manager ) who conducted the workshop, “This type of visual and intuitive control puts immediate feedback in the hands of DP’s on set. They can change and adjust lighting in the moment instantly, and see how it affects their image in camera. It brings a whole new level of creative control and saves time and money in production”.

As expected, the workshop reached its intended audience of DP’s, gaffers and lighting professionals who use ARRI SkyPanels and ARRI L-Series LED Fresnels regularly and want to implement tablet-based control on set.

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