International News

Netflix signs producer Ryan Murphy in record $300 Million deal
Prolific hit producer Ryan Murphy will move to Netflix from 20th Century Fox, after signing a massive five year deal valued between $250 - $300 million.
Telemetrics to display new camera robotics and control systems at NAB 2018
Telemetrics brings the latest in camera robotics and control systems to NAB Show 2018.
Tedial to Bring automated highlight engine product Smart LIVE to NAB 2018
At NAB 2018 Tedial will demonstrate Smart LIVE’s automatic highlight creation feature, its integration with AI engines, speech to text integration annotating incoming live media, and the automated publish feature.
Grass Valley Acquires Snell Advanced Media
Belden has completed the acquisition of Snell Advanced Media (SAM). SAM will be incorporated into the Grass Valley brand, with the SAM brand name retired. 
Canon demonstrates new projection possibilities at ISE 2018
Canon launched six newly designed high brightness and high-quality laser and lamp based installation projectors which were showcased at ISE 2018.
Riedel acquires Archwave to create IP R&D hub in Zurich
Riedel is making continued investments in technology interoperability with its acquisition of Swiss engineering pioneer Archwave. This new partnership will create a R&D hub in Zurich.
iflix and QYOU Media announce partnership
First step in a distribution collaboration between the two companies to bring unique short form content from local video creators to audiences in emerging markets.
Abu Dhabi-backed film wins Oscar nomination
Roman J. Israel Esq. features Denzel Washinton as a lawyer in an overworked California criminal court system