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NEP Group acquires Broadcast Sports International
Founded in 1979 by an entrepreneurial team of engineers, BSI is a leader in in-car cameras for nearly all international racing series, including NASCAR, IndyCar and NHRA, and in wireless cameras and microphones for golf events.
Coverage of The Championships will be broadcast for the first time via SMPTE ST 2110. NEP UK is providing technical Host Broadcast Services for the first Wimbledon Championships to be broadcast utilising fully redundant IP technology.
YallaFeed launch first Twitter live show in MENA
#HawanahZein will be produced by YallaFeed with support from Hollywood-based production company, Propagate. The show will curate what’s happening on Twitter based on live conversations that spike on the platform.
Interview with Paul Shen, CEO of TVU Networks
Digital Studio speaks to TVU Networks CEO Paul Shen about their NAB 2018 experience and plans for the Middle East.