ARRI starts shipping Alexa Mini LF camera

Pre-production cameras have been used on high-end productions by cinematographers like Roger Deakins and Greig Fraser
The new ARRI Alexa Mini LF.
The new ARRI Alexa Mini LF.


Following extensive testing, ARRI quality control has approved the final production software for the ALEXA Mini LF. Cameras featuring this software began shipping mid-September.

Owners of pre-production cameras can download the updated software and install it on their cameras.

Stephan Schenk, managing director of ARRI Cine Technik and responsible for ARRI’s business unit camera systems said: “In 2018, when we introduced the ARRI large-format camera system with the Alexa LF camera, ARRI Signature Prime lenses, and LPL lens mount, the production community was excited to try something new. By now, many have worked with the Alexa LF and are appreciative of the unique large-format look of our LF sensor. Now that the Alexa Mini LF is officially shipping, we can offer the perfect team of tools. Together, the fully-featured, high-speed Alexa LF and the small and lightweight Alexa Mini LF can tackle any job.”

Both cameras share the same large-format sensor based on technology used in all ARRI digital cameras.

Therefore, both share ARRI’s best overall image quality with the highest dynamic range of any production camera as well as ARRI colour science for natural colorimetry, pleasing skin tones, clean VFX, and easy colour grading.

However, the LF sensor has twice the area of Super 35 sensors providing a large-format look, increased sharpness, higher contrast, and smoother images combined with a lower noise floor for higher usable sensitivity.

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