CABSAT 2020 suppliers: GatesAir

The 100-year old GatesAir is set to make a bigger and better presence at CABSAT 2020; Rich Redmond, President and Managing Director, International for GatesAir explains
Rich Redmond.
Rich Redmond.


What are your plans for CABSAT 2020?
CABSAT continues to be the most important industry event in the MENA region, and this year we are strengthening our presence and commitment with a more varied range of customer-facing activities. Off the show floor, we have scheduled two events that will provide a more casual environments to interact and network with GatesAir representatives.

Give us more insight into the products you will be exhibiting at the show.
GatesAir expanded its product family this year a through strategic acquisition, and we will show several new products as a result. In addition to our complete range of existing Maxiva TV and Flexiva radio transmitters — not to mention our Intraplex Audio over IP transport systems — we will show new innovations through our new GatesAir Europe division. This includes liquid-cooled transmitters for VHF TV and DAB Radio, as well several compact, high-density solutions that can house multiple UHF, VHF or DAB transmitters, transposers or gap fillers. All of these solutions are valuable for seamlessly transitioning broadcasters to digital TV and radio in the Middle East, and it should be noted that these transmitters also support analog TV with simple transition paths to digital.

Who is your target audience and what should they look out for in your offerings?
We continue to be dedicated to the broadcaster delivering rich multimedia content over the air. We still support the broadcaster operating in analog today, we are supporting all digital broadcast standards worldwide. In Television, DVB-T2 continues to dominate internationally, but we see growing interesting the ATSC 3.0 standard. For radio, the interest around DAB as a digital format has grown substantially in the Middle East, while HD Radio and DRM+ remain areas of interest. We are also uniquely positioned to provide complete solutions to help broadcasters deliver and synchronise media content across multi-site single-frequency networks (SFNs) for TV and radio, including traditional FM. We are helping broadcasters lower their operational costs through more energy-efficient platforms that are also far simpler to maintain, resulting in lower utility bills and reduced labour.

What is the USP of your product?
The depth and breadth of experience we bring to the broadcaster. GatesAir has been active for nearly 100 years, and none of our competitors come anywhere close to the number of deployments we have achieved worldwide. In recent years, we are leading the way with very large, national networks that have transitioned entire countries to digital. We have deployed the world’s largest DVB-T2 television network in Russia, and we continue to dominate the landscape in Africa with national network projects.

What challenges is the market facing in the market sector you firm operates in?
The global media environment continues to change. Over-the-air broadcast is one of many delivery methods that enable people to consume rich media content. Our challenge is to help the broadcaster transition from simple analog and linear content delivery, to a mix of linear and non-linear content delivery. That’s where advanced delivery services like DAB Radio, DRM+, HD Radio, DVB-T2 and ATSC 3.0 allow broadcasters to converge with other content methods, such as IP.

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