Interview with Christopher Spahr, VP of Marketing & Sales, DPA Microphones Inc.

DPA Microphones will launch a new line d:vote CORE instrument mics at the NAB Show 2018. Christopher Spahr, VP of Marketing & Sales, DPA Microphones talks about their plans for NAB and the industry outlook.
Christopher Spahr, VP of Marketing & Sales, DPA Microphones Inc.
Christopher Spahr, VP of Marketing & Sales, DPA Microphones Inc.


Digital Studio: What will your company be focusing on at NAB? 

We will be focusing on our new line of CORE mics, which includes our discreet bodyworn and d:fine headset mics, as well as our new line of d:vote CORE instrument mics. Looking to minimise distortion as well as increase the dynamic range, or workable area, we developed this new amplifier to create an even clearer sound from the ‘highest of the highs’ to the ‘lowest of the lows.’ The dynamic range has been expanded in all ‘CORE’ miniature capsules. Microphones purchased with the new technology will come in ‘CORE’ packaging and will have a blue label near the serial number on the cable to differentiate between these and the original versions. A very discreet laser engraving stating ‘core’ has been incorporated at the microphone capsule as well.

We’ll also be reintroducing products such as our d:vice digital audio interface for mobile journalists and our line of heavy duty d:screet lavaliers. The d:vice is the latest preamp and offers unprecedented audio quality for live and mobile journalists in the field. Working together with any iOS device, Mac® or PC computer, broadcasting or recording crystal clear sound anywhere in the world is easier than ever. When used with a DPA microphone, the d:vice is able to capture or stream audio in quality previously only available in the studio. When it’s not possible to have an experienced sound engineer on site, the d:vice can act as a ‘mini sound engineer in your pocket.’

Digital Studio: Will you be launching any new products or services? 

We will be launching the new d:vote CORE instrument mics, which introduces our groundbreaking CORE amplifier into our existing line of instrument mics. The award-winning d:vote microphone series is one of the most natural-sounding instrument microphone solutions available today. Like all DPA microphones, it rejects unwanted noise and accurately captures the natural sound of the instrument. The d:vote m​crophone line is designed for use with every woodwind and acoustical instrument, the most popular being guitar, violin, cello and trumpet/saxophone. Known for their discreet size and versatile mounting options, these mics are a great fit for a variety of applications ranging from the studio and theater to live performances during primetime broadcasts. These mics are extremely reliable for the most demanding production environments.d:vote CORE instrument mics

Digital Studio: How do you see the state of the industry at the moment and the outlook for 2018?

I believe that the industry looks strong for 2018 but it remains to be seen how things like the new US tax laws and increase in interest rates will affect new projects and purchases in 2018 and beyond.  I also see the continued move towards higher quality audio capture to coincide with the improvements in video quality that are taking place. The higher definition video that is becoming standard on broadcasting and monitoring devices demands that the audio quality keep up with it.  With this demand, will come an increase in spatial AR and VR audio, along with more immersive audio experiences for things like sporting and live events.  I’m hopeful that the industry will continue its positive business and technological growth for the future. 

Digital Studio:What potential do you see in the Middle East and what plans do you have for this region? 

We believe that there is still an untapped potential for a premium brand like DPA in the Middle East. For multiple reasons, the key to entering these markets is finding good partners and supporting them. This is where our focus will be for this region in the near future as we continue to grow our brand and presence globally.

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