RAVENNA gears up for a busy IBC 2018 as community expands

Lawo, Ross Video, Qbit and GatesAir are among the manufacturers with new Ravenna enabled products that support audio over IP.
Lawo's  A_WAN Series of WAN-capable AoIP nodes
Lawo's A_WAN Series of WAN-capable AoIP nodes


IBC 2018 is set to be the busiest yet for RAVENNA as the RAVENNA community continues to expand and with it, the number of new RAVENNA-enabled product announcements. It’s also a consequence of the increasing adoption of the AES67 interoperability standard that has been championed by RAVENNA since its introduction in 2013, and now ST2110 which looks after the audio part of video-over-IP transmission. No fewer than eight RAVENNA partners are launching new products at IBC 2018, confirming RAVENNA’s status as the number one audio transport technology for broadcast IP workflows.

Lawo has announced the A_WAN Series of WAN-capable AoIP nodes for high quality mic/line/AES3 and dual-redundant MADI interfacing with SMPTE 2110-30/31, AES67 and RAVENNA support. A_WAN series devices also offer SMPTE 2022-7 class C streaming redundancy and PTP/Wordclock sync in a fanless, low-noise 1U format with dual redundant power.

Ross Video has also been busy with the announcement of two new products: the IGGY-MADI is a RAVENNA/AES67- and ST2110-to-MADI AoIP converter which supports up to 80 channels per stream. Iggy also natively bridges/supports multiple audio networking technologies such as RAVENNA, Livewire+, Dante/SAP, NMOS, JSON and DashBoard. Ross Video is also launching a drop-in replacement, pin-compatible module to Dante Brooklyn II, named BACH Liberty - a fully compliant AES67 and ST2110 implementation, complete with full-stack support of NMOS, RAVENNA, Dante/SAP, Livewire+ and various other network control solutions. Equipment manufacturers no longer have to wait for full AES67 and ST2110 compliance, nor tie themselves to a single supplier for their audio networking technology.

Qbit unveils the new QARION RAVENNA Interface Series which interfaces AES3 and analogue audio with RAVENNA/AES67 networks. QUARION offers straightforward ingress, egress and monitoring of RAVENNA/AES67 streams in audio networks and plug-and-play integration of legacy audio equipment to RAVENNA/AES67 networks.

GatesAir is launching the Intraplex IP Link 200A codec which provides two full duplex stereo channels with RAVENNA/AES67 compatibility. The model also supports AES3/Analog channel for mix-mode operation. IP Link 200A features three network interfaces with patented Dynamic Stream Splicing and SynchroCast® technologies for transport reliability and SFN application.

Sonifex has committed to AES67 (and by default, RAVENNA) with the launch of a range of new multi-channel AES67 audio interface mix engines, the AVN Portal range for use in any application where mixing of signals is required. Two further additions have been made to the AVN range of talkback intercoms that link devices over a standard Ethernet network using AES67 for simple installation and web browser configuration.

Ward-Beck Systems is introducing the PreMo-222, a fully AES67- and ST2110-compliant dual mic preamp and dual stereo headset driver which connects performance to producers, voices to ears, talent to task and audio with networks. Featuring PoE plus redundant local power supply, PreMo-222 is perfect for talk show radio, reporters on the go, live-casting, live sports commentary, etc.

From DirectOut is the PRODIGY-MC modular audio converter and router. Capable of routing up to 320 inputs and 324 outputs, the device provides eight converter slots for AD/DA, mic-pre and AES3 plus MADI and network audio option boards. A RAVENNA module supports AES67/ST2110 and ST2022-7 for redundant streaming; control is via globcon, a browser-based GUI and touch display.

DHD Audio presents the versatile RX2 mixing console designed for the most demanding radio and TV broadcast environments. Fully RAVENNA/AES67-compliant, RX2 features integrated touch screens for fader modules and central modules and from 6 to 60 faders in a slim table-top design.

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