Hypervsn launches 3D holographic display platform in UAE

The revolutionary technology allows 3D visuals to appear as though floating in mid-air for cutting-edge visual marketing – from digital signage and out-of-home ads to experiential events.
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Hypervsn, the world’s first fully integrated 3D holographic display system is launching into the UAE market. The company displayed its technology at this year’s GITEX show and revealed plans to extend the roll-out across the UAE following the launch.

GITEX delegates were able to witness how HYPERVSN’s platforms redefine the viewing experience by creating the highest quality holographic visuals. The holographic feature a variety of content, including local landmarks such as Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

Art Stavenka, co-founder, HYPERVSN said: “The UAE market and its boundless opportunities to incorporate our innovative technology within sectors such as luxury and retail, excites us. Brands here are constantly looking for ways to creatively communicate with their audiences and we can offer them that solution through our technology.”

The revolutionary technology allows 3D visuals to appear as though floating in mid-air, enabling content to be perceived by viewers as hi-resolution 3D holograms. HYPERVSN is made up of individual projection units and a proprietary management platform that allows the user to manage many devices remotely from a single location.

Content can automatically synchronise across several units and be scheduled into media campaigns all in one click. The technology offers cutting edge visual marketing – from digital signage and out-of-home, to experiential events.

Having secured initial investment and endorsement from business tycoons including Mark Cuban and Sir Richard Branson, co-founders Kiryl Chykeyuk and Art Stavenka have grown the business to over 120 employees with a presence in over 80 countries. HYPERVSN’s customers include global brands such as Renault, Moët Hennessy, Coca-Cola, Adidas and M&M Mars.

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