Nevion extends VideoIPath to handle data services

Virtualized media production solutions Nevion announced that it has extended its support for data services in VideoIPath, its award-winning orchestration and SDN control software.
Johnny Dolvik, Chief Product and Development Officer at Nevion
Johnny Dolvik, Chief Product and Development Officer at Nevion


Nevion, a provider of virtualized media production solutions announced that it has extended its support for data services in VideoIPath, its award-winning orchestration and SDN control software. VideoIPath is used extensively by broadcasters and service providers to manage real-time video and audio flows in their facilities, and for contribution, remote production and primary distribution.

As IP technology is increasingly adopted for media networks, and the difference between local and wide networks becomes blurred, there is a strong commercial and technical drive to converge the transport of video and audio signals with data services, such as the transport of files used in production or remote control of broadcast devices.

Nevion has now extended VideoIPath to support data services – using its proven path-finding algorithm to build up the services and enable data flows in the network, with protection against network failures. The new functionality can be used both for data-only and converged networks, i.e. it makes possible full co-existence of media, audio and data services on the same network.

Data services obviously use bandwidth, so orchestrating the transport of these services is essential to avoid impacting the transport of mission critical real-time media flows on the same network. VideoIPath is now able to take into consideration the bandwidth that is used for each data service, in the same way it does for video and audio services. This means that no expensive over-provisioning of capacity is required in the network in order to run video, audio and data services. To ensure that the bandwidth set for a data service is not exceeded, VideoIPath configures each port (endpoint) in the data service with the appropriate bandwidth and QoS policy.

VideoIPath’s new Flow application provides a graphical interface for users to configure the data services, without having to consider detailed configuration of the services and equipment in the network. Other VideoIPath applications also provide the means to manage and monitor data services. In addition, VideoIPath provides north-bound interfaces that enable integration with existing OSS (operations support systems).

Johnny Dolvik, Chief Product and Development Officer at Nevion says: “The extension of VideoIPath to support data services is an important step to help deliver the real potential of IP to broadcasters and service providers, enabling a much more efficient and cost-effective use of networks. For Nevion, it also marks an exciting and important move into technology that is equally applicable to industries outside our traditional markets.”

Nevion will be showcasing VideoIPath on its booth (SU5510) at the NABshow 2018, April 7-12, Las Vegas Convention Center.

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