BBC R&D teams up with Vewd to demo Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV 2.0

BBC R&D is showcasing its latest Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTV) advancements in content substitution at IBC 2018, together with Vewd, the smartTV OTT software provider, and semiconductor company MediaTek.
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BBC R&D is showcasing its latest - Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV or HbbTV with advanced content substitution features at IBC 2018, in collaboration with Vewd, the smartTV software provider, and semiconductor company MediaTek.

Content substitution occurs when a viewer watching a live TV broadcast is served personalized content at a particular point in the broadcast, for example, the end of a TV show. The personalised content shown to the viewer can be audio or video which then switches back to the broadcast feed seamlessly. Whether an ad, local news program, or other interest-based programming, content substitution ensures you receive content tailored to you over IP.

“HbbTV has evolved into a standard that improves how hundreds of millions of people throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East experience TV,” said Frode Hernes, SVP of Product Management, Vewd. “Now we’re looking to the future with BBC and presenting what the newest update to the standard can do in a real-world deployment. This is the future of broadcasting, delivered today.”

Vewd worked with BBC to optimize Vewd Core, the most popular HTML5 SDK for smart TVs, as well as a Vewd Core HbbTV module, to support some of the BBC’s most advanced use cases, including personalization and content substitution. Vewd and MediaTek have worked to optimize their respective software to run on the MediaTek System-on-Chip (SoC). MediaTek’s TV SoCs were chosen for their suitability for running the most demanding HbbTV use cases.

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