Ross Video to launch new Virtual Studio rendering solution at NAB 2019

New in-house virtual studio solution will be based on Epic Game’s Unreal 4 gaming engine following termination of partnership with Future Group on the existing Frontier rendering offering.
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Ross Video will be launching a new virtual studio rendering solution at NAB 2019. The new solution will be based on Epic Game’s Unreal 4 gaming engine, bringing the benefits of advanced rendering to broadcast and production Augmented Reality and Virtual Set (ARVS) systems.

Ross said the new solution offers superior workflow tools and full end-to-end ARVS solutions, making it easy to enjoy the creative benefits of ARVS without sacrificing production efficiency.

For the past two years, Ross has partnered with Norweigan company The Future Group to offer the Frontier rendering solution, a spin-off from their efforts in virtual programming formats. Ross said the new solution release will coincide with the termination of Ross Video’s contract with The Future Group on March 15th, 2019.

With both company's deciding to pursue independent strategies, Ross said existing Frontier customers will have a seamless path transitioning to the new fully featured rendering platform.    

“Ross has worked hard over the last few years to put Unreal based rendering on the map for virtual production,” says Jeff Moore, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at Ross Video. “Our customers have been able to create amazing results with Frontier along with Ross Video’s full range of AR/VS technology workflow solutions. We see our in-house development of an Unreal-based system as a natural evolution of our ability to provide more complete solutions and this liberates us to move at a faster pace, without external constraints.”

In a press statement, Ross Video said they will be making further announcements on the availability of this new solution closer to NAB Show 2019, where the Ross booth will feature 9,000 square feet of Live Production Technology including a large ARVS area showing full production workflows.

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