Insta360 ONE Adds Pro-Level Stabilization

The Insta360 ONE has introduced a new a proprietary stabilization technology for capturing smoother video without a gimbal.
Insta360 ONE Adds Pro-Level Stabilization
Insta360 ONE Adds Pro-Level Stabilization


Camera maker Insta360 today announced a major update for its popular Insta360 ONE, adding a groundbreaking stabilization technology and smart editing features that put the camera at the forefront of a new type of photography – using 360-degree camera technology to improve the way we create traditional, “flat” video and photos.

“360-degree cameras free people to live in the moment, without the distraction of recording an experience from behind a screen. And this benefit applies whether your goal is to share an immersive 360-degree video, or just post a few clips to Instagram,” said JK Liu, Insta360 Founder and CEO. “The updated Insta360 ONE makes it easy to grab the best parts of a 360 video, and put them together into a pro-quality edit that’s ready to share anywhere.”

The new features are part of the latest version of the Insta360 ONE app, available from this week at the iTunes store.

The first step to creating compelling content from a 360-degree video is to be sure that the original video is as smooth and stable as possible. The Insta360 ONE introduces a new FlowState stabilization, a proprietary stabilization technology that captures smooth video.

InstaOne said that comparisons show that a ONE using FlowState stabilization produces smoother video than a leading smartphone mounted on a gimbal. Meanwhile, the fact that FlowState is native to the ONE, with no accessories required, vastly expands its range of use – allowing users to directly mount the ONE on vehicles, selfie sticks and drones, while still ensuring a stable result, said the statement from Insta360.

The updated Insta360 ONE also introduces new tools to quickly edit together the best parts of 360 videos, and to take full advantage of the new creative possibilities. When editing a 360 video in the Insta360 ONE app, users will have three choices of how to re-capture the key moments.

New Pivot Points allow users to set points of interest throughout a video, giving an outline of the story they’d like to tell. Once set, the app automatically connects the points using smooth camera movements. It’s a simple way to create professional-quality edits that would otherwise take hours on a specialized post-production software. The newly improved SmartTrack lets a user select a key object or feature within the scene, then automatically holds it in center-frame throughout the video. The extra space for cropping offered by the 360° field of view, combined with proprietary FlowState stabilization, creates smooth tracking shots. ViewFinder mode gives manual control. A user can manoeuvre their phone exactly as they would if they were recording an experience in real-time with their smartphone camera – turning from side to side, and adjusting zoom on the fly.

The ONE’s upgraded stabilization also makes creating hyperlapses (that is, a time-lapse where the camera itself is moving from one place to another) easier. Rather than shooting every frame of a hyperlapse with a DSLR, or using a stabilizing accessory, ONE users can simply run and gun. FlowState stabilization will take care of creating a video that’s stable enough to be hyper-lapsed, and the app will take care of the rest.

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