RED introduces DSMC2 Dragon-X and production kit

New DSMC2 production module and DSMC2 production kit provide expanded I/O and mounting point solutions for studio and lightweight camera configurations
RED Dragon-X production module
RED Dragon-X production module


Today, RED Digital Cinema announced the availability of the DSMC2 DRAGON-X 5K S35 camera. RED also announced the DSMC2 Production Module and DSMC2 Production Kit, which are coming soon in early 2019.

The DSMC2 Dragon-X camera uses the award-winning Dragon sensor technology found in many of RED’s legacy cameras with an evolved sensor board to enable RED’s enhanced image processing pipeline (IPP2) in camera.

In addition to IPP2, the Dragon-X provides 16.5 stops of dynamic range, 5K resolution up to 96 fps in full format, and 120 fps at 5K 2.4:1. Consistent with the rest of RED’s DSMC2 line-up, Dragon-X offers 300 MB/s data transfer speeds and simultaneous recording of REDCODE RAW and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD/HR.

The new DSMC2 DRAGON-X is priced at $14,950 / €13,800 / £12,100 and is also available as a fully-configured kit priced at $19,950 / €18,400 / £16,150. The kit includes:
• Canon lens mount
• RED DSMC2 Touch LCD 4.7” Monitor
• RED DSMC2 Outrigger Handle
• RED V-Lock I/O Expander
• Two IDX DUO-C98 batteries with VL-2X charger
• G-Technology ev Series RED MINI-MAG Reader
• Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 DC HSM Art Lens
• Nanuk heavy-duty camera case

RED also announced the new DSMC2 Production Module. Designed for professional shooting configurations, this accessory mounts directly to the DSMC2 camera body and incorporates an industry standard V-Lock mount with integrated battery mount and P-Tap for 12V accessories. The module delivers a comprehensive array of video, XLR audio, power, and communication connections, including support for 3-pin 24V accessories. It has a smaller form factor and is more lightweight than RED’s RedVolt Expander with a battery module.

The DSMC2 Production Module is available for order and is expected to ship in early 2019 for $4,750 / €4,350 / £3,800. It will also be available as a DSMC2 Production kit that will include DSMC2 Production Module, a production handle and top plate. 

The DSMC2 Production kit is also available for order and is expected to ship in early 2019 for $6,500 / €5,950 / £5,200.
SCARLET-W owners may upgrade to DSMC2 DRAGON-X for $4,950 / €4,600 / £4,050 through RED Authorized Dealers or directly from RED.

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