Staging La Perle

In this video, production and audiovisual experts responsible for making sure each La Perle performance is flawlessly executed, explain some of the technical aspects involved in bringing the show together.

Located in Dubai's Al Habtoor City, La Perle is the region’s first resident show, featuring a cast of 65 artists, each bringing their own unique set of skills to the performance, ranging from acting, acrobats, aquatic and aerial stunts. La Perle is conceived and produced by one of the world’s most renowned artistic directors, Franco Dragone.

The production is staged in a lavish, purpose-built, 1,300-seat theatre in the heart of the newly constructed, multi-use Al Habtoor City in Dubai. The theatre is a vast, complex space, with space for audio-visual systems, automation lines, water pipes and nozzles for water effects, as well as lighting, projection and rigging.

In this video, the production and audiovisual experts responsible for making sure each La Perle performance is flawlessly executed, explain some of the technical aspects involved in bringing the show together.

Anton Montaut, Head of Lighting and Video explains the intelligent lighting structure, and the laser and projection installations that go into creating a spectacular audio visual display for the show. He heads a lighting team of 11 people who operate the lighting and laser effects. Considering the water aspect of the show, it is an incredible challenge to ensure that the LED installations and fixtures are submersible and withstand the unique challenges of holding up in a wet stage. 11 lasers are specifically designed to point all over the theatre running on a timecode.

Marty Mckinney, Assistant Head of Sound reveals what goes into the sound setup and design. Three live musicians accompanied by the playback system running Ableton perform simultaneously during each show. The entire music production is controlled by DiGiCo consoles which integrate the sound effects and the multitude of live music instruments in the overall mix.

Julian Zazzaretta, Assistant Technical Director talks about how he designed a theatre with projections surfaces all around to create an immersive experience for each viewer. Over 60 high end motors control the flying acrobatic artists and movements of the water and scenic elements while maintaining the highest safety standards. Three automation desks control the movements and ensure safety. The specially designed stage pool can be filled with water in 90 seconds.

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